Good e-Guidance Stories


Modernising Career Guidance. Together.

Accelerated automation, digital transitions and the COVID-19 pandemic are changing the labour market. To meet these challenges, career guidance practitioners will require innovative tools and competences.

The GeGS project modernises Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) services by offering professional digital trainings and AI-based tools for e-guidance. As a critical component in the innovation of Europe’s Vocational and Educational Training (VET) systems, a digital approach to the provision of IAG services is key.

These training measures will enhance the efficacy of IAG practice and offer a unique vision to improve VET systems in Europe, centred around the needs of young people. Proposing a holistic policy measure to build resilience for a post Covid-19 digital leap, GeGS will introduce two main training measures:

  1. an interactive professional development curriculum for IAG practitioners in VET
  2. an AI-based digital platform for delivering e-counselling 

First, a transnational, digitally-based Community of Practice (CoP) will facilitate peer-to-peer learning for 180 IAG practitioners participating in the GeGS project. Together, they will develop their professional competences using a unique case-study based curriculum. The “Guide” methodology offers a flexible, accessible, motivating, productive and immediately usable training for IAG professionals. Secondly, GeGS will trial the use of AI-based digital career counselling, tailored for individuals, career support institutions and companies. Rolling out the platform will involve 180 IAG professionals and up to 1,350 young people between 16 and 29 years old.