Good e-Guidance Stories

Modernising Career Guidance. Together.

What we do

The project centres around two elements: providing practitioners with a complete, engaging and easy to use digital training framework, and introducing advanced tools for e-guidance, based on artificial intelligence.


Why we do it

The rapid acceleration of automation, particularly amid the Covid-19 pandemic, have pushed the future of the workforce into the present. These challenges highlight the need to offer guidance practitioners a fresh approach to supporting skills development for the jobs of the future.


Who we are

Representing both public and private organisations, the GeGS partnership consists of 12 institutions from six European countries.



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Digital Community

A unique online learning platform will feature 19 digitalised interactive case studies that address each of the 19 ‘Professionalising Career Guidance’ competences (Cedefop). The e-learning platform will facilitate peer-assisted learning through the Community of Practice to exchange ideas, problem-solve, and share effective practice. 



An ambitious, complex and innovative project, GeGS will be implemented over a period of 36 months. This large-scale policy action will enable the testing and production of high-quality products and intellectual outputs and results.