Good e-Guidance Stories

Information, advice and guidance in community contexts in a Digital Age

Policy Practice Workshop – UK

Rinova Ltd. invites you to the “Good e-Guidance Stories and Networking Lunch” event scheduled for Friday, October 13th, taking place from 10:00 to 13:00 in Karamel Club in London. The workshop has a transnational breath: UK training participants will share their experiences with the GeGS participatory e-guidance training and discuss it in a EU Round table with GeGS partners (UK, IT, IE, FI, DE).

We aspire to spark fresh perspectives on how we deliver career guidance and incorporate technological advancements into our daily practice. This event holds special relevance given the extensive adoption of remote guidance during the Covid-19 pandemic. This occasion provides a platform to exchange your insights with fellow IAG professionals, youth and policy makers both from London and the EU who participated in the “Good e-Guidance Stories (GeGS)” project. An initiative that utilises digitised case studies and the Jobiri digital platform to assist career guidance practitioners. You will be able to take away practical tips and free e-tools.


We look forward to seeing you! Free event, places limited. REGISTER HERE


Oct 13 2023


10:00 - 15:00


Karamel Club, in collaboration with Collage Arts, London (N22 6UJ)
Karamel Club, in collaboration with Collage Arts, London (N22 6UJ)

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